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Date Presenter Paper
 01.07.2013  Florian  Identification of protein stability determinants in chloroplasts. Apel W, Schulze WX, Bock R., Plant J. 2010
 -  -
 Monika  Control of protein quality and stoichiometries by N-terminal acetylation and the N-end rule pathway. Shemorry A, Hwang CS, Varshavsky A. Mol Cell. 2013
 22.07.2013  -  -
 29.07.2013  Frederik
 Hsp70 nucleotide exchange factor Fes1 is essential for ubiquitin-dependent degradation of misfolded cytosolic proteins. Gowda NK, Kandasamy G, Froehlich MS, Dohmen RJ, Andréasson C. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013
 05.08.2013  -

 12.08.2013  Luise (-)
 19.08.2013  Anne  Glutamine-specific N-terminal amidase, a component of the N-end rule pathway. Wang H, Piatkov KI, Brower CS, Varshavsky A. Mol Cell. 2009
 26.08.2013  Carolin  Membrane release and destabilization of Arabidopsis RIN4 following cleavage by Pseudomonas syringae AvrRpt2. Takemoto D, Jones DA. Mol Plant Microbe Interact. 2005
 02.09.2013  -  EPSO Meeting, Porto Heli
 09.09.2013  -  -
 16.09.2013  -  -
 23.09.2013  Michaela  Tandem fluorescent protein timers for in vivo analysis of protein dynamics. Khmelinskii A, Keller PJ, Bartosik A, Meurer M, Barry JD, Mardin BR, Kaufmann A, Trautmann S, Wachsmuth M, Pereira G, Huber W, Schiebel E, Knop M. Nat Biotechnol. 2012
 30.09.2013  -  Botanikertagung Tübingen
 07.10.2013  -
 14.10.2013  -  -
 21.10.2013  Elisabeth M.  tba (NERD inhibition?)
 28.10.2013  Christin  Novel Highly Sensitive, Specific, and Straightforward Strategy for Comprehensive N-Terminal Proteomics Reveals Unknown Substrates of the Mitochondrial Peptidase Icp55. Venne AS, Vögtle FN, Meisinger C, Sickmann A, Zahedi RP. J Proteome Res. 2013
 04.11.2013  -
 International Meeting of the DFG-Graduiertenkolleg 1026 - "Conformational transitions of Macromolecular Interactions" at the Leopoldina, Halle (Saale)
 11.11.2013  Maria  UBR2 of the N-End Rule Pathway Is Required for Chromosome Stability via Histone Ubiquitylation in Spermatocytes and Somatic Cells. An JY, Kim E, Zakrzewska A, Yoo YD, Jang JM, Han DH, Lee MJ, Seo JW, Lee YJ, Kim TY, de Rooij DG, Kim BY, Kwon YT. PLoS One. 2012
 18.11.2013  Elisabeth W.  tba
 25.11.2013  Pavel  tba
 02.12.2013  Dieter  tba (degron stuff?)
 09.12.2013  Stefan  ClpS1 Is a Conserved Substrate Selector for the Chloroplast Clp Protease System in Arabidopsis. Kenji Nishimura, Yukari Asakura, Giulia Friso, Jitae Kim, Soo-hyun Oh, Heidi Rutschow, Lalit Ponnala and Klaas J. van Wijk. Plant Cell 2013
 16.12.2013  Augustin  tba (ABPP stuff?)
 06.01.2014  -  
 13.01.2014  Nico  tba


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