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This is a selection of news important to us, for a more up-to-date timeline, please check out twitter!


August 2019

Registration and abstract submission open for „Protein Termini 2019, the 1st annual meeting of the International Society of Protein Termini (ISPT)


July 2019

collaborative paper with Angelika Mustroph on ERFs accepted for publication in The Plant Journal


July 2019

The lab will successively move to the University of Osnabrück beginning form July 2019.


May 2019

collaborative paper with Emmanuelle Graciet on RIN4 and AvrRpt2 protease targets accepted for publication in Plant Physiology


March 2019

the newest review of the lab online and open at Annu Rev Plant Biol!


February 2019

Frederik's and Stefan's biotech paper on switching toxic proteins online at Plant Physiology!


September 2017

We organized N-term 2017 at the IPB in Halle:

>> check out nterm2017.org for the international, interdisciplinary meeting on protein modification we're organizing in Halle from September 11 to 13 <<

downloads for N-term 2017:  poster - program - directions - restaurants - our meeting report in Trends in Biochemical Sciences


















April 2017

Nature Communications paper on the 'missing link' between oxygen sensing and protein degradation in plant hypoxia response featured at Plantae’s “What We’re Reading This Week“

selected by The Plant Cell, American Society of Plant Biologists and The Global Plant Council.


March 2017

Our Nature Comms paper is online.


March 2017

Gusti's New Phytologist paper is online.


February 2017

Together with Emmanuelle Graciet and Daniel Gibbs, we are organizing "N-term 2017 - Proteostasis via the N-terminus" from Sept 11-13, 2017 in Halle >>>>> nterm2017.org

To date, we have 36 confirmed interantinal speakers from all model systems, clinics and methods areas! Drop me a line, if you are interested to join the meeting!


February 2017

Our Genes & Development paper is online...


January 2017

Our joint paper with Emily Flashman, Oxford, is accepted for publication in Nature Communications! Check out the pre-print at bioRxiv here!


January 2017

Gusti's paper describing PRT1 as a "real" E3 Ubiquitin protein ligase was aacepted at New Phytologist! Great result of two "COST Action Proteostasis Scientific Training Short Missions (STSMs)" and a Leibniz-DAAD Postdoctoral fellowship!


January 2017

Our joint paper with the Bevan and Inzé labs at the JIC and the VIB-PSB is accepted at Genes & Development! Check out our pre-print!






September 2016

Press coverage of our Nature Comms paper on the BMBF webportal pflanzenforschung.de and on the title page of the Leibniz Association!

 coverage at pflanzenforschung.decoverage at pflanzenforschung.de

 highlighted at pflanzenforschung.dehighlighted at pflanzenforschung.de

coveragge on Leibniz entry pagecoveragge on Leibniz entry page

 online attention of our paper (September 2016)online attention of our paper (September 2016)








paper on ATP analog-densitive kinase accepted at BMC Plant Biology.






August 2016

just submitted two manuscripts to biorXiv!






July 2016

Engineering conditional protein function: our paper in Nature Communications...





Some biochemical method protocols related to our work on the N-end rule and proteostasis now in "Plant Proteostasis" from the Methods in Molecular Biology series:










 Images contain links to self-archived author proofs.



April 2016

"The paper" is accepted at Nature Communications...


Mai 2015

Joint paper on N-terminal protein modifications with Rene Zahedi from ISAS Dortmund published in Proteomics!


August 2014

Collaborative proteomics paper is online at Journal of Proteome Research.


July 2014

We published a brand new overview article about conditional protein depletion/expression!

Juni 2014

Maria's paper describing her findings during her Master's thesis work in Bayreuth now published!


May 2014

Pavel awarded DAAD fellowship. Congrats!

June 2013

Augustin joining the lab as postdoc.
Augustin will work on a joint project with Bernhard Westermann from the Dept. of Bioorganic Chemistry on affinity-based protein profiling (ABPP) as a Leibniz-DAAD research fellow.

April 2013

Carolin, Anne and Florian have joined as our first Master resp. Bachelor students. Welcome to the team!


March 2013

Brand new review on differences in cell division control between the kingdomsin press.

Our review on species-specific modes of phosphoregulation by cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs) and their interaction partnerswill be online soon at Trends in Cell Biology!


February 2013

Again, our lab will be joined by a new colleague. Welcome Pavel!


October 2012

Our lab expands as Maria will join us as a new PhD student. Welcome to Halle!


September 2012

Plant Cell manuscript about asymmetric cell divisions accepted!

The paper concerning a CDKA;1-RBR1 phospho-network in the context of asymmetric cell divisions in the root and stomata is now available online as open access article.


August 2012

PLoS Genetics paper is available online now!

Our paper about a regulatory kinase cascade controlling entry into the cell cycle's S-phase is published.


May 2012

Developmental Cell paper is out!

... finally, the Dev Cell paper about CDK phosphorylation networks in plants is out.


April 2012

GRK 1026: Christin is in!

... and now, also Christin was elected as an associated member of the Graduiertenkolleg 1026.


January 2012

GRK 1026: Frederik is in!

Great, Frederik became an associated member of the Graduiertenkolleg 1026.


December 2011

Association with the GRK 1026

Our Lab is now an associated member of the Research Training Group "Graduiertenkolleg 1026 - Conformational transitions in macromolecular interactions" funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg.


November 2011

Two PhD positions available

Currently, there are two positions available for doctoral students in our lab. For details, please check out positions.


October 2011

We are the Junior Research Group of the ScienceCampus Halle

On October 14th, our lab turned into the Junior Research Group of the "ScienceCampus Halle - Plant-Based Bioeconomy". The ScienceCampus is established as a network of the three Leibniz institutes IPB, IAMO (both at Halle), the IPK (Gatersleben) and the Faculties I and III of the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg to foster local synergies with focus on bioeconomy-related plant science. For more details, please see the separate home page.


October 2011

Our methods book on Plant Kinases is out!

Our book from the Springer Science/Humana press series Methods in Molecular Biology is published!

The book is a compendium on state-of-the-art techniques to investigate plant kinase function and contains 17 thrilling chapters. The lead overview article "The Age of Protein Kinases" is available as a free download from the book's web page.


October 2011

Christin and Frederik receive scholarship.

Congratulations! Starting from October 1st, Christin and Frederik receive a fellowship from the state of Saxony-Anhalt to perform their work on protein degradation in our lab.